Drop don’t park

Drop is an on demand parking & valet service. You just have to ask via the application for a valet to recover - on scooter - the vehicle and park it. The service is designed to make life easier for car drivers. We’re in charge of graphic design for the general public and valets applications.

It was necessary to build a user experience suitable for the specific use of a car driver. The screens sequence must be optimized, it must find the desired action in the right place at the right size.

The difficulty was to set up an interface capable of displaying all the steps in an intelligent way: direction in recovery area, visibility of available valets, ordering a valet, selection of payment method, order confirmation, valet and customer ETA, service options (refueling, car washing) and return of the vehicle.

We work with valets and beta testers to continuously optimize and adjust the workflow of the two applications.

Mobile design | 2015 | Paris, France