Tripndrive, car-sharing for travellers

Instead of paying for parking at the airport or station, Arthur leaves his car with Tripndrive, car sharing for travellers. Tripndrive rent the car to Myrtille, a traveller who's just landed at the airport or arrived by train. Tripndrive therefore makes it possible to rent out yourowncar to someone else while you both travel.

It’s this link role, as an intermediary between people that we wanted to highlight in treating the “N” Tripndrive logo as a bridge.

They wanted the user to accomplish by himself most possible tasks. Online registering of insurance papers or driver's license for example. So we spent a lot of time on the user course. Find the good time to ask for differents informations without losing users in a too long and complicated course.

To contribute to this simple and friendly service image we created a set of illustrations and icons.

Our work with Tripndrive was initialy centred on define the brand design and the website. After a year working on it we decided to continue with the application.

Branding, web & mobile design, illustration, motion design | 2015 | Paris, France